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Human Ecology College based on the spirit of Meiho: "Beauty and courteous, peaceful and diligent". Logically thinking, intellectual and emotional caring as our concept. From the point of human culture, combining technology with human ecology, in order to train the professionals with arts and humanities thinking. Coordinating with Meiho’s future development, establishing a practical and technical-guiding college. Our characteristics are as follows:
(A)education: training professionals that could meet the industries’ requirements.
(B) curriculum design: Practical and theoretical as our principle.
(C) student guidance: teaching, certification, training and employment overall coordination.

Our college is formerly known as the Meiho Humanities and Social group. Preparation of establishing a University of Technology and human ecology group is granted in 2009. We renamed as Meiho University of Technology in 2010. College of human ecology is established on August 1 in the same year. We train professionals with humanity based on the spirit of Meiho: "beautiful and courteous, peaceful and diligent". Also rational thinking and intellectual and emotional caring combined with the conservation of human culture is our concept in order to cultivate the artistic temperament. Secondly, a practical and technology-oriented college is established with three future visions on our student: Profession: license and employment are priority. Humanity: cultivates innovative and leadership. Internationality: enhance foreign language skills and international competitiveness. Furthermore, we foster good moral character of students by the new five point of Meiho: SMART, that is, service, mercy, appreciation, respect and tolerance.



According to the human ecology analysis, it is essential to train professionals for related fields and industries. Our college established department of Applied Foreign Languages, department of Social Work, department of Early Childhood Care and Education, department of Cultural Business Development, department of Gerontological Service and Management, department of Recreation Sports and Health Promotion, department of Gemology, department of Hospitality Management. Considering the society requirements, students source and resource integration. Department of Gerontological Service and Management and department of Social Work integrate to become the department of Social Work since 2011. The original Department of Gerontological Service will be kept until all students are graduate. Department of Cultural Business Development due to the teaching resources integration, is being renamed as Department of Culture Business and becoming the part of Business and Management College. Department of Hospitality Management meets Human Ecology College characteristics, is being switched from Business and Management College to Human Ecology College.



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